New Horizons for the Bullpup Volleyball Team

The bullpup volleyball team is having a changed season this year. The volleyball team has 6 wins already, an improvement on last year’s total of five. Kimmy Owens, team captain, says, “The team has improved so much and she enjoys the hustle and determination from our team.” The program has a new coach this year with goals of, “Getting the team to buy into the new program being built.… and building a more positive program”-Coach Mecom. The focus is not only on this year but on the future of the program and how it can grow. This year, however, the team is prepared to go into substate and “smash [volley]balls in people’s faces”-Reni Burk, team captain. The lady pups appreciate the school’s support and hope to see students at the last home game/senior night on October 11th.