Nora’s Journey in America


”It’s always been my dream to do this experience,” says senior, Eleonora Bon. Nora is a foreign exchange student at CVHS in Cormons, Italy. Nora’s hobbies are reading, true crime, and hanging out with family and friends, including participating in volleyball. She was nominated as a homecoming candidate and is one of five girls on the homecoming court. Nora says she chose to come to the U.S. but did not get to choose exactly where. “I think that if you want an authentic experience, you have to go see authentic places.” Nora stays with Orie and MacKayla Owen. “The suckiest thing about is having to say goodbye at the end. That is a hard thing to do because you spend so much time with them and then they just leave.” Owen says that he and Nora have a good father-daughter relationship and he will keep in touch with her when she goes back to Italy.