Pups defeat Blue Devils

Lady Pups basketball swept Sedan for their first win of the season on December 14th. Both Junior Varsity and Varsity teams won. Freshman Hannah Wyrick says, “We have improved since our first game and we have great teamwork.” Sophomore Myra Denny says some of her goals for the team over the season are, “Have a winning season, improve from the beginning, learn and continue to work together well as a team, enjoy the game and have fun, build up the team to be prepared for the next season.” Something they are very good at is teamwork, Senior Maggie McVey says, “Teamwork to me is having enough trust between you and your teammates that you aren’t afraid to pass the ball to them because you trust them enough to make the next best pass or make the next best decision for the team. But it starts with each team member trying to be the best teammate they can be; which is, always trying to set your other teammates up for success. Whether it is being the best hype man from the bench and always cheering the loudest, maybe it’s trying to make the best pass at the best angle, to try to get your teammate in a scoring position. To me, that’s what teamwork means.”