New builds from Caney Ag students


In Mr. Jabbens’ 8th hour Ag Mechanics class, the students are building their own projects that they had to come up with on their own. A couple of students have completed or have almost completed their projects. Colton Gillman (Senior) is building a duck hunting blind with the help of Ace Koester (Sophomore) that they have been working on for almost a month. “The hardest part about the build would have probably been trying to make sure everything was straight and square before we welded it together,” says Gillman. “We ended up changing some things from our original design but luckily we bought extra metal so it wasn’t too difficult,” says Koester. They like the way it is turning out but they said the only thing they might have changed would be the size. Colton and Ace are planning on building at least one more blind so that they don’t have to share.

        Another student by the name of Scout Smith (Junior) is building a Bullet encased epoxy table and an epoxy cutting board with the help of Michael Griffen, Mr.Jabben, and Craig Evans. “I built these projects for a Christmas present for my grandparents. I started this project a few months ago because I knew that it would take me a while” says Smith. Smith is planning on being finished with his project right after New Year. In Smith’s own words, “It did not turn out as planned but it still looks good if I could go back and change something about the project I would go back and change the material of the legs”. The hardest part of this project for him was getting the epoxy 100% clear. Later on, Smith is planning on reconstructing a run-down deer blind on his land.