Junior High Goes Undefeated


The Junior high football program at Caney Valley has seen many years of success. Coach Owen and Coach Wyrick have brought the junior high football program back to life. The team went undefeated for the second consecutive year. Under the current coaching staff, they have 5 undefeated seasons in total. Coach Owen has been coaching for 8 years while Coach Wyrick for 10 years as head coach and 1 year as an assistant. One success that the team has seen is their rushing game, and most of that success has to do with good team spirit and communication. Eight grader Garret Davidson had a total of 1,001 rushing yards as running back in 7 games. Another star player for the football team was Jesse Henderson as the quarterback who had assisted Garret in breaking the school record.  

“I was obviously very pleased with the outcome of the season. Securing consecutive TVL championships has been great. Anytime you can win back-to-back boats you feel pretty good about how things went,” said Coach Sam Wyrick.