Tanner Rose’s Road To Recovery


        Tanner Rose is a Senior at Caney Valley High School and he tore his ACL and meniscus during football season against our hometown rivals, Cherryvale. It usually takes 6-8 months with surgery to recover from both injuries. Rose is currently on his 3rd going into his 4th month out of surgery and he plans to start senior night on January 8th. “The process to recovery was long, with a lot of lunges and squats, with full range of motion,” Rose said, “I have been very blessed to have my mom, dad, and girlfriend as well as friends to care for me and to keep my mind in the right state.” Rose was also asked what was one good thing that came from his injury. He said, “one good thing that came out of my injury was to never take anything for granted, to always love what you have, and to always be grateful for what abilities you are given.”