Snow Days

On February 2nd it started snowing in Montgomery county. It wasn’t surprising, everyone was
excited about it one week earlier when they saw the forecast. School got cancelled, so we had
to spend the snow days at home. We asked some of the students to share their snow stories
with us.
Senior Matt Nioradze said, “Its not so common to snow where I live. We get a little bit of snow every year in my city, but not
as much as it snowed here. To be honest, snow is my favorite weather. It doesn’t get boring. As
soon as the winter starts I try to go to the mountain side area of Georgia, 2 hours away from
where I live just to be in the snow. It’s called Gudauri one of the main skiing and snowboarding
places in Georgia. I wish there were steeper hills around here so I could go snowboarding. But I
still managed to have fun; I went sledding with my host-brother.”

Another senior,  Josh Moore stated, “I stayed home, played video games and drank chocolate milk all the snow days.”

“ I stayed home and spent time with my family on all the snow days and I played with my little
brother, ” said senior, Ally Miller.
Sophomore Jenna Wade said,  “On snow days, my family went sledding.”

“I played in the snow with my niece and nephew, we made a snowman, and we rode sleds. I
was glad to have a break and spend some quality time with my family,” said staff member, Ms. Roper.