Winter Royalty


  Kamryn Kaminska and Jack Billingsley were crowned winter homecoming royalty. The Homecoming game and coronation was held on January 28th. The queen candidates were Daisy Fessler, Emma Hockett, Kamryn Kaminska, Dee Dee O’Shields, and Johnna Rosson. The king candidates were Jack Billingsley, Joshua Moore, Gage Grant, Kylar Brandon, and Tyler Vesey. The theme of homecoming was “Pupflix.”

   “Homecoming is a tradition that students look forward to every year and I really enjoyed winning and being a part of homecoming,” said King Jack Billingsley.

   “I was super excited to be a part of homecoming! I never thought that I would be homecoming queen but I am grateful I won,” said Queen Kamryn Kaminska.