The 2022 Wrestling Season


   This season will definitely be something to remember. With all the odds against them, the Bullpups still conquered. The wrestlers had a lot on their plate. Battling against injuries, sickness, and bad weather, most of them didn’t get a great chance to wrestle like they expected they would.

   “With all of the bumps in the road, I still think that this season went pretty well for everyone even though we had a small team,” said Senior, Josh Moore.

   Even though the regular season might have been a little rough for some, the post season did end in satisfaction. In the League Tournament, located at Bluestem, KS, Senior, Caiden Rupert placed first along with Junior, Brayden Harris, and Sophomore, Onna Moreland. Josh Moore placed 3rd along with Junior Heath Ellis, and Sophomore Garret Watson. At the Regional tournament, located at Douglas KS, there were 3 wrestlers that placed, which advanced them all to the State tournament that was held in Hays KS. The 3 wrestlers were Josh Moore, Heath Ellis, and Brayden Harris. All wrestlers have shown a lot of hard work and dedication to the sport of wrestling.

   “We had a great group of guys come out this year, it was a joy to watch everyone grow and work hard in the wrestling room. This season seemed to be plagued by injuries, covid, and snow days, but nevertheless; I couldn’t be more proud of those boys. I really hate to lose Caiden and Josh, they both were really great leaders and both worked very hard to get to where they got. I wish I could have one more year with them, mostly just to throw Caiden around. I’m very ready for next year though,” said the Head Coach, Jerod Rigdon.

   To all the new upcoming wrestlers for years to come, Heath Ellis only has one thing to say to them, “Don’t be that guy.”