Checkmate Cherryvale


The newly formed chess team was brought to attention by the Newbys. After they found out the Cherryvale Chargers won state because they did not have anyone to play with, Mr. Price stated, “We needed a team so Cherryvale doesn’t win.” The turnout for the team was expected to be minimal with only a few kids from the high school. The team ended up having around 20 kids from both the high school and the elementary school. The coach of the chess team (Mr. Price) has been playing since he was around 6 years old. This season has been successful in the fact that Caney has beaten Cherryvale at every competition. A few of the players said they signed up because it seemed fun and a change of pace. Senior Kaden Blagg said, “Overall, I would stay on the lookout for the Caney Valley chess team. This year they qualified five total players to the state tournament. Kaden Blagg, Junior Trey Newby, Junior Brett Cashman, Sophomore Conner Rexwinkle, and Freshman Camden Weimer. Overall the Caney Valley Chess team finished as the state runner-up at the tournament.