Rodgers Cadavers

Mrs. Rodgers’ anatomy class students went to see cadavers. Cadavers are people who have donated their bodies to science after they died. “They do it to educate students and future doctors; hopefully promoting medicine,” says anatomy teacher, Mrs. Rodgers. Learning with cadavers is a method that has been around for years and is considered to be very beneficial. Students studied from a book called “Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers,” but seeing cadavers in real life is a lot different. Mrs. Rodgers says that “when you look at pictures in the books or even models that they have in class, it does not compare at all to seeing real tissue. Real tissue allows you to see more of structure and function, how these structures function together in unison for the circulatory system or the Master System. It allows you to see the bones, the different muscle masses, and also if you see different cadavers, you can see that one person’s heart may be a little larger than the other or the lungs look a little different. So you can see variations within individuals.” One of the students junior Drake Stapleton, says that, seeing cadavers gave him a clear view of how healthy humans differ from non-healthy ones. How a non-healthy lifestyle affects your body from the inside. “You realize it is not just affecting the way you look, but the way you feel. The way your body works the way it has to overclock itself because it can’t use itself correctly. A clear example was seeing the brain of a non-healthy person, there is some parts of the brain are smaller and some are larger than they should have been.” Says Drake.