Raising The Bar


This year the Bullpups have been to two weight lifting competitions. The first was the League tournament located at Cherryvale, KS and the second was the 3A State Tournament located at Salina, KS. In past years, the Pups have had trouble recruiting people to join the team, but this year was different. This year they have gotten plenty of kids showing out. “There weren’t that many experienced lifters out this year as I would have hoped for, but all in all I’m very proud of how everyone did and hopefully will be able to see all of them out the next time around”, said Junior Colten Gillman. Gillman hopes to get first at the Tri-Valley League tournament next year and wants to be able to place 5th at the State tournament. The Head Coach Tell Wyrick says, “We had a lot of kids that worked hard and accomplished a lot of goals,  Coach Washburn and I were very proud of all of them. We are very excited about the future and the upcoming kids, and we are gonna do some great things.” As a whole, the Caney Valley team placed 3rd with 72 points at League and placed 21st at the state tournament with 6 points.